Saturday, March 1, 2014

Classic Wisonsin

Here at Drunk Bear Fans we aren't afraid to let other fans get involved in the fun.

This classic photo comes from the facebook page of the Fox Wisconsin Girls.  I like the FWG because they are cute, but not slutty, an odd paradigm for marketing that I haven't quite yet figured out.  Anyways.

Today they posted the below photo of some of the (tens of) Brewer fans that were camping out at Miller Park to get first dibs on those extremely valuable Brewer tickets for the coming year.  I told the blond that she should probably take a shower after having her arm around that guy.

I imagine these guys pulled an awesome booze fueled all nighter.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flamingo Beer Bongs

Back in 2011 the intrepid correspondents at Drunk Bear Fans found these guys using something we called the "Beermingo" which was a combination flamingo / beer bong. Happy to see they now can be bought in bulk at Urban Outfitters.

Also wanted to apologize for the lack of photos in the last few games. It was so damn cold my phone discharged almost immediately in the weather. Next year I may get one of those "button cams" that takes photos every 30 seconds so I can chronicle the usual crop of drunks, shirtless guys, and everything else. We had girls next to us at one of the games whose beer froze entirely - it wasn't a joke up there in the cheap seats.

Friday, November 22, 2013

More Tailgating Innovation

I forgot that Dan added "Tailgating Innovation" to the categories on the sidebar.  This is our contribution... a nice cozy for our mini keg full of ice for a hot early season game.  You won't need that now in the dead of winter.

Classic Post Tailgate Refuse

This is exactly how the Bears expect you to leave your tailgate spot when you head into the stadium.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hamming It Up For The Camera

This guy in a Bears hat was mugging for the camera over blaring music.  Love the quote from Ditka on the back of their van.

Bum Stylin' 2013

Way back in the day we did a post about bums that were finishing off beers people were leaving behind at the South Lot.  That is still a valid tactic nowadays as this guy proves.
Mmmmm mmmm nothing like a backwash half filled Miller Light can.

Dressed as a "Beers" Fan

Friday, October 11, 2013

Drunk Bear Fans Web Site Value

From time to time people talk to Dan or I about "monetizing" the most important site on the Internet, Drunk Bear Fans.

Dan and I usually chuckle because 1) it is damn hard to make any money on the internet (there's not too much there for blogs) 2) it is a lot of work to even try and we don't want to pour the time into it (really, it's not like it has a tremendous value to society, but it is funny).

Some dumb site that directs us traffic (which we don't care about) lets you put in your domain name and it estimates its "value" and "daily income potential".  What did they say about Drunk Bear Fans... wait for it...
We were worth $8.95!  and we can make 15 cents / day!
Ha ha... we're rich, baby.

Drunk Giants Fans in Costume

These Giants fans were in costume and I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish but it was very funny.  At least I waited until I got outside of the washroom to take a photo of the guy in purple which they posed for in the night - some other guy was taking a photo of him while he was at a urinal (note - that's not cool).

Hilarious Giants Fan

Sometimes opposing fans come and they are just dicks (see - the Steelers) and sometimes they are hilarious.  The Giants fans mostly fit into that hilarious category, watching the game, saying something funny, and generally taking the abuse that they were being pelted with in stride.

After the Giants scored this guy was cheering a bit and someone behind me said
Damn you and your glorious hair!
And then he let me take this photo of his, indeed, glorious hair.

High Five Guy On the Wagon

The "high five guy" gives high fives to any women coming up and down the stairs on the interminable walk up to the cheap seats.  He is in an orange shirt.  His buddy who is pretty clever often sits on the aisle seat which causes the usually completely intoxicated high five guy to not get thrown out.  I don't know what was going on but he was actually pretty calm maybe he is on the wagon.

Obscure Jersey

Really... you've been clutching that signed Mike Tomczak jersey all those years?  He was near the 1985 Bears and was apparently the last one to play in the NFL in 2000, but that is faint praise.  Let's review his byline as a Bear per Wikipedia since I'm too lazy to look out any further:

He played for the Bears until 1990 starting 31 games and throwing for 31 touchdowns and 47 interceptions.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Good Bear Costume

This one was a hit.  Seen a lot of these Bear fur wrap arounds but she was rockin' it.

Creative Fake Dog

Love the beads and urinating on the Saints hat.  Someone put a lot of thought into this.

You're Livin' in the Past, Man

Really, how long have you been hanging on to that Mike Brown t shirt.  Yes, he had some amazing years with the Bears but that was a while ago.  I'm sure the threat of knowing that Mike Brown was watching the game on TV somewhere was putting fear in the hearts of our competitors.

The Post That Writes Itself

Some things are just meant to be up on drunk Bear fans.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Literal Drunk "Bear" Fan

Our good friend Fro Dog caught this drunken Bear fan (literally) as they made him throw his beer out leaving the Bears' lot. That looks (a bit) like the awesome Bear costume from the show "Workaholics".


The guys next to us in the South Lot had a really cool raging party with lots of food, booze, good music and girls.  We got this group shotgun on video for posterity.

Beer Bong

We love beer bongs here at the most important site on the internet, DBF.  While our days of doing them are in the distant past, we can still truly appreciate the skill when one is done properly.

High Five Guy

We love this guy.  He high fives each and every female that walks by and from his condition, we assume that he doesn't remember any of it..  Some return the favor, some don't.  He isn't picky.
As I was typing this up I could have swore that we profiled High Five Guy before and I was right.  Look here for some hilarious video.