Monday, September 24, 2007

Crazy Funny Tombstone Guy

At the Cowboys / Bears tailgate we pulled up next to a lunatic that was seriously funny. He said he came from Wrigley and I believed it... that is a hell of a drinking double header. He had some foam skulls with the Cowboy logo and a tombstone that he used with Romo's name on it. He berated all of the Cowboy fans in particular the girls. In this highlight he is bonking a female Cowboys fan on the head with the tombstone - if you get to the end of the video you can hear him shout "eat it!" You can't hear it on this clip but he ended all of his crazy and lewd comments to women with "call me" which also got a lot of laughs. Some drunks are angry but this guy was just funny.


gerry from valpo said...

Yup, that's a Cub fan alright.

Dan from Madison said...

Nice job with this latest batch. We will no doubt have more fodder for this blog at the Vikings game.