Monday, September 17, 2007


Which costome is scarier?


Jonathan said...

Ha. This is a tough one. They are both pretty good.

Nice blog idea. You should consider soliciting user-donated photos and accepting advertising.

Dan from Madison said...

Tx, both ideas have already crossed my mind.

Carl from Chicago said...

I agree with both. This isn't like the main blog where we have something important to say :).

Do you have sucess with user submitted photos? Are there liability issues?

Jonathan said...

I don't have any experience with user submitted anything, aside from casual blog stuff. I think there could be liability issues for some types of photos if this blog becomes popular. You might have to talk to an Internet-savvy lawyer to find out what you can get away with.

Dan from Madison said...

I took the user submitted thing down. I think we will have enough original material to put up here (Soldier Field provides endless material). And I am afraid of the liability too.

If this blog does take off like I think it will I may need to talk to a lawyer but we will see.