Friday, November 23, 2007

Drunk Husky Fans

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A couple of my friends (Husky Fans - Washington variety) from the football blog run a relay race every Thanksgiving, called the Turkey Trot. Two teams are organized, Pilgrims vs. Injuns.

The race includes potato sack racing, corn shucking, egg walk, donut on a string chowing, beer bong, apple bobbing, etc. I heard that the Pilgrims won this year, in an apple bobbing massacre. Injuns get to do the dishes!

Here are a couple of drunks shucking corn - not sure what that cat is doing in the photo, maybe it just was used in the traditional "cat kick" that starts off the festivities.
Here we have spirited competition in the egg walk. Careful!
Below you can see the course ready for action. Note the triple threat of bad beer in the corner, all of the "lights" are represented - Coors, Miller and Bud. I honestly don't know how you people can consume what I now call "corn water". But I suppose if it gets you smashed, go for it.
Here is an action shot of a couple of very ugly participants consuming donuts on a string.

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johnnyj said...

The "donut on a string" is tougher than you think...if it falls on the ground you have eat it from there! Need less to say that it was a big mess and dry donuts with beer don't mix too well!