Monday, September 24, 2007

Crazy Funny Tombstone Guy

At the Cowboys / Bears tailgate we pulled up next to a lunatic that was seriously funny. He said he came from Wrigley and I believed it... that is a hell of a drinking double header. He had some foam skulls with the Cowboy logo and a tombstone that he used with Romo's name on it. He berated all of the Cowboy fans in particular the girls. In this highlight he is bonking a female Cowboys fan on the head with the tombstone - if you get to the end of the video you can hear him shout "eat it!" You can't hear it on this clip but he ended all of his crazy and lewd comments to women with "call me" which also got a lot of laughs. Some drunks are angry but this guy was just funny.

Rex Fan

I was looking for a jersey prior to the game but couldn't bring myself to buy a Grossman jersey... they were pretty picked over. Not paying $75 for an Orton jersey, either. This guy is a die-hard fan bet he took some abuse for sexy-Rexy's horrid play

Beer Holster

Loved this guy with his beer holster. A beer holster goes with anything.

Old Fan Throwing Up

Ah... some things need no introduction, like the guy throwing up in the South lot 1 hour before game time. The guys I was with said he was as old as their father.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Upping the Ante

This guy seriously upped the tailgating ante last year when he brought his favorite stripper along to give lapdances in the South Lot.

Bum Styling at the Bears

For those who don't know what this is, after you depart the South Lot you must dump/drink your "last" beer before moving on the path to the stadium. Some enterprising bums have set up camp here to enjoy all of those last half beers and are rewarded for their efforts. Photos by Carl.


In a new low for a Bear game, I received not one, not two, but three beer showers from this drunk woman. As pictured (photo taken by Carl) she would break into dance every time the music played. Later she pulled up her top revealing her bra and began to pull her pants down so everyone could see the top of her butt. Beads were getting tossed her way and I got pelted with those too. We were worried that she was going to puke on us, but her friend assured us, and I quote "she doesn't puke, she shits, and always says turtle, turtle, turtle before doing it".

How could I make that up?


Which costome is scarier?

Drunk Badger Fans

Not Drunk Bear Fans, but it covers the theme of the blog.

Note the two story beer bong in the background.

Soldier Field Bathroom

Photo by Carl.

Welcome to Beautiful Soldier Field

Mayor Daley

This is my favorite video I ever made, I affectionately call him Mayor Daley. I still laugh every time I watch it. It was ten degrees fahrenheit at the time.


The guy in the background painted blue with Urlacher's number had no shirt on and it was ten degrees that day in Chicago. By halftime he had purchased a coat from the concession stands.

Viking Jersey Burned in Effigy

Ten Degrees Fahrenheit