Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beer Bongs

Beer bongs are a classic at any sporting event. I was able to catch these two guys loading up through the ever present cloud of grill smoke. Some subtle details - the first beer bong aficionado citing that the last guy he did this with drank nine and "puked" and the guy in the fuzzy bear hat pouring the beer into the second funnel. Gone in a flash!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Drunk Bear Girls

Check out the blonde. Not bad for a Drunk Bear Fan.

Strange Dance

These women drank a very impressive amount of beer.

The Blog That Writes Itself


Soldier Field really needs to get with it on the beer vendor side. They have this stupid system where the vendor has to open the king can, pour it into a cup and give it to the patron. They should get rid of all of this crap and sell the plastic bottles - simply unscrew the cap and hand it off.

No Bathroom Needed

This guy just opened his car door and pissed on the ground, a common sight in the South Lot.

A Family That Does Shots Together Stays Together

Keep your eye on the blond haired guy in the middle, who had drank so much by this time that he is starting to lose control.

Mayor Daley Again!

I think "Mayor Daley", as I affectionately call him, is my favorite Drunk Bear Fan with Hester Bear running a close second and "Drunk N Idiot" a close third. You may remember Mayor Daley from last year.

Mayor Daley Chugs Goldschlager

Et Tu, Carl?

Carl says he wasn't drunk when he dropped this Miller Lite, and that the guy next to him knocked it out of his hands. I believe Carl this time as the guy immediately replaced it.

Future Drunk Bear Fan

I simply can't fathom bringing an infant to a Bear game.

Bathroom Not Required

Taken right by my H3.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bears Family

Nothing brings a family closer than putting on crazy Bear 'fro wigs. Note the daughter too cool to play along... I'm sure that this will be part of her tell-all book

Hester Bear

Here's another good costume... this guy dressed up in a Bears costume with a Hester jersey. I like the way he walks and his tail, pretty funny

Young Ditka

This guy was creative... he dressed up as a young Ditka coach version. I'm sure that this gitup got him more tail than Sinatra...