Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Mayor Daley Rant Ever

This is probably the longest and best rant by Mayor Daley. Note the added bonus at the end of the stumbling and slipping as well as the passing out of shots for anyone watching by Drunk'n Idiot. Also note when mayor daley bends over, his foot kicks out and you can hear the bottle of booze breaking on the ground. Best.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

South Lot Walk

You have to walk about a mile or so to get from the South Lot to the stadium. Here is a sample of that walk - count the drunks.

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

After each Bear score they play the Chicago Bear fight song. You can hear the guys a few rows up slurring it, and me laughing while this is going on.

Enjoy the Game

This guy was on the "grassy knoll" between LSD and the South Lot as we were leaving. I assume he had bene there since kickoff. Love the arms positions. A true drunk bear fan.  If you look closely note that his phone is clipped on but I don't think that his wallet is going to make it...

Beer, Water

This photo pretty much sums up your true menu options at Soldier Field if you don't want to die. The bag of peanuts on top is the only food item I would consume there if I was REALLY hungry and even those are probably WW2 era.

Do Not Eat

This really isn't a drunk photo, but one of amazement. One of the mantras of going to a Bear game is to never, ever, ever, EVER eat anything at Soldier Field at ANY COST (except perhaps a bag of peanuts). This family looked to be having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ugh.

Bum Stylin'

What's my favorite kind of beer? Free beer. You are not allowed to pass this point with any alcohol so the bums strategically place themselves here to get all of the half drunk bottles and cans from people on their way into the game. Note security in the background pleased as peach to do nothing about this.


I saw these guys on the way into the game - they were chugging Jaeger and Captain like the end of the world was nigh.

Packers Suck

Another shot of the very creative flag on display hating on the Pack.

Drunk Parking Attendant

For some reason known only to God, a person ran a beer out to this guy on the Lake Shore Drive ramp. He didn't refuse the beer, but did hold it and drink while he was working. Excellent!

High Level Discussion

Carl and Mayor Daley debate some very complex issues.

Time for Shots

The family that does shots together stays together.

Where's Mayor Daley?

Everyone here knows that our favorite tailgater is "Mayor Daley". Along the lines of Where's Waldo, I give you this version, called Where's Mayor Daley. I see him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Great Flag

This is a great flag at the Bears tailgate - someone picked up a Green Bay Packers flag and defaced it... I love the sucks plus the strike out through the helmet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mayor Daley, Bears vs. Tampa

His Honor needs no introduction.

Bears vs. Tampa

Click any photo for larger.

Imagine the slendor when we pulled up in the South Lot and realized that we were situated next to Drunk'n Idiot and his crew. It is strange as we are getting to know a lot of the regulars now in the South Lot.
I even got my photo with "Mayor Daley"! He was semi coherent at this point and mentioned that he had been featured in some suburban paper as a superfan or something. He said his real moniker was Naperville Bob, or something like that. I think Mayor Daley is better.
Standard South Lot beer can disposal.
Inside the stadium, we are always looking for more efficient ways to consume beer, this being the hands free way.
The best photo ever escaped me, of the "security" guard with gun in belt, no holster. I swear I will get a shot of that next time.