Saturday, August 28, 2010

Drunk Bear fans 2010!

Windy City Rollers - girls roller derby

The guy in the converted Bears ambulance

Bears hotties in the cheap seats

Drunk dude shouting atop an RV

Guy playing drunken flip cup game Adler Lot


Dan from Madison said...

Well, finally a good update, but these are definitely pre season drunks, not even close to our regular season champions of alcohol.

Carl from Chicago said...

We are over in the Alder lot again. It isn't the dregs of humanity in that area.

We are going to have to hit the road and go to the south lot to see real mayhem

You won't be here for Bears / Packers on Monday night but that one likely will bring out the dedicated drinkers

Opening day will be nutz too

Dan from Madison said...

You will have to represent Drunk Bear Fans playing beer pong with those dudes.