Monday, September 13, 2010

Shotgunning Contest

One of these guys, I can't remember which, shotgunned a beer in something like 2 seconds. I think I would pass out instantly - on top of that it is Coors Light - ugh.

Hey Man, That's My DICK Jaur On

Best t-shirt of the day, and MAN was this guy smashed after the game.

Update - we saw this guy over at the hated jukebox STILL WEARING THIS SHIRT. He must take good care of it in the offseason. Remember - Jauron was fired by the Bears in 2003 almost 10 years ago... that is a long time for any T Shirt.

Drunk Grilling Disaster

These guys while getting sauced had their grill on a plastic table. As the grill heated up the table melted and the grill slid off making an enormous mess on the ground. They are lucky that nobody got hurt - but a lot of pride got hurt. You could see their women steaming after this. But these guys soldiered on, reset, and started cooking again.

Real Bear Fans Use Pace

Beer Pong

Love the shorts down to show off blue boxers look too.

Crazy Flag Guy

This one is filed under "the blog that writes itself" category - This insane drunk guy came running at us after the win vs. the Lions.

Ummm, yea.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season Opener 2010 vs. Lions

Some good shots from the Bears home opener against Detroit in 2010. It was a beautiful day in the Adler Lot.

OK so this was a bit staged but the guy next to us was happy to try to polish off the last of our mini-keg before walking to the stadium.

This shirt says it all.

I like the grinder with the Detroit player up top. That helmet must have been HOT to wear.