Thursday, December 30, 2010

Real Drunk Bear Fan (Sad) Story

Over here at the most important site on the Internet Drunk Bear Fans we usually run all original content.  But a friend of mine sent over this link about an incredibly drunk Bear fan who came home after the win against the Jets and lit the Christmas tree in his house on fire and the firefighters had to come and rescue his 1 year old son.  His mother in law is interviewed and she kept mentioning how he'd come back from the Bears game drunk and go crazy so they didn't want him there.

You need to watch to the end of the video - the firefighters and the police are there but the guy comes out in his boxers and no shoes or shirt and it is on tape with the reporters and he manages to out-run the police with no shoes on and was still at large a couple of days later.

Here is the link.  If for some reason it doesn't work then go to and look for

"Child rescued after mom's boyfriend sets Christmas tree on fire"

Watch to the very end to see the glimpse of the guy coming out right in front of the reporters who got him on film in just his boxers and no shoes and making a run for it.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


This happy guy was drinking Rumple Minz out of the bottle (although later everyone was drinking out of little plastic glasses, too).  It does take the edge off the cold, considering that it is 100 proof.

Not shown - guy across the way from us who sat in a chair and had a beer in one hand and a bottle of Jameson whiskey in the other calmly enjoying his pre-game tailgate.

Grown Men Shotgunning Beers

Ah something is timeless about a group of grown men (adults) shotgunning a beer.  Bud Light.  Urp!

Rex Foot Lover

Some Bear fans had a special message for the coach of the Jets with the supposed foot fetish.  Love the "Da Coach" reference inserted.