Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can't Wait for the Porta John

This guy must think he has camouflage in his white jersey on the white snow by the lakefront since he can't walk 50 feet to the four (admittedly skanky) porta johns like the rest of us. But we can figure out what is going on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DBF Climbing The Rankings

Usually it is just Dan and I having a chuckle here at Drunk Bear Fans, the most important site on the ol' intertubes. Recently we have been getting a lot more visitors and a lot more comments, too, which is great. I looked at the key word searches and "Bear Fans" or "Bears Fans" and Drunk Bear Fans is on the first page for Google! That is kind of hard to believe because a lot of people put effort into traffic search and SEO and the like and we couldn't care less about that here at DBF. Plus there are other Bear fans out there like Baylor, and of course people who like hairy guys known as Bears - maybe I just had "safe search" on. But we are climbing the rankings, thanks to those that want to see "The Lowest Common Denominator" as Dan so aptly named the site.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Stooges

These three stooges had great Bear suits on for the tailgate and the game. Love the shoes, too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Can Do Better Than That!

From a recent article at the Chicago Tribune titled "Drunk Sports Fans: 8% leave game legally intoxicated"
This is for anyone who has ever encountered a drunken fan at a sporting event.
Uh, that's us here at Drunk Bear Fans.
40 percent of the participants had some alcohol in their system and 8 percent were drunk, meaning their blood alcohol content was .08 or higher.
Hmmm... we can do better than that.
The study also found that some groups were several times more likely to be drunk after a game, such as fans age 35 or younger and those who had tailgated before the game.
Now we are talking! That is the core demographic of those at Drunk Bear Fans, although many of the drunkest of all (just search on "Mayor Daley" as we nicknamed the biggest drunk in the South Lot) are older guys that some how keep showing up, every week.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Upside Down Celebration Guy

In this video you can see after a Bear touchdown a guy in brown pants being righted. After scores he would do some sort of crowd jumping/surfing action and end up boots in the air. Definitely a drunk bear fan.


Here at Drunk Bear Fans, we don't just want a sloppy drunk, although those are always good. We are looking for creativity and the Beermingo does the trick. A great way to do a beer bong of your local crappy cornwater! As an aside, I walked up to these guys and said "I am involved in a website called Drunk Bear Fans and was wondering if I could take your picture to put on the site". He and all his friends screamed FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have been going incognito mostly with my photos, but in the future I think I can get more value out of telling drunks that they will be on the internet. I doubt they remember seeing us.

Super Drunk Seahawk Fan

There is drunk, and then there is this guy. He was hammered at the beginning of the game, and on one of his many piss runs he decided to start getting naked in the balmy Chicago winter. On the way out I saw him and his eyes were practically rolled into the back of his head. And he got to watch his team get crushed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Future Drunk Bear Fan

At the Bears vs. Seattle playoff game in the cold weather this kid in seats near us took his shirt off in a display of fine judgment.