Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Can Do Better Than That!

From a recent article at the Chicago Tribune titled "Drunk Sports Fans: 8% leave game legally intoxicated"
This is for anyone who has ever encountered a drunken fan at a sporting event.
Uh, that's us here at Drunk Bear Fans.
40 percent of the participants had some alcohol in their system and 8 percent were drunk, meaning their blood alcohol content was .08 or higher.
Hmmm... we can do better than that.
The study also found that some groups were several times more likely to be drunk after a game, such as fans age 35 or younger and those who had tailgated before the game.
Now we are talking! That is the core demographic of those at Drunk Bear Fans, although many of the drunkest of all (just search on "Mayor Daley" as we nicknamed the biggest drunk in the South Lot) are older guys that some how keep showing up, every week.


Daniel said...


this was at the playoff game lol

Dan from Madison said...

Now that is a drunk bear fan.

I am not buying that only 8% leave the game legally intoxicated. I don't think that is even close, at least at Soldier Field. The test sample was sooo tiny! And probably only at one game.

If you could actually somehow put a breathalizer on every person that left Soldier Field after the game I bet at LEAST 35% would blow above .08 and a significant amount of people, say 15% would be double that.

Daniel said...

lol for sure, that study was bogus, o and that drunk fan was me....i made bet with my bro if they get 28-0 on the scoreboard i do it and sure enough...lol. i leave the satdium everygame no shape to drive....