Friday, April 8, 2011

Sox Home Opener

Since the Bears were defeated and the hated slack won the Super Bowl it has been some grim times here in Chicago. At least we have a bit of Derrick Rose for MVP (?) and now the White Sox home opener.

This guy used to sit next to us in the bleachers when my season tickets were over there; he has a Batman superhero outfit with white tube socks over the ears and he's "Soxman" - get it? Actually the guy was pretty tough he was wearing that hot plastic outfit even when we were all broiling in the sun.

Saw "The Party Trailer" and here is the web site - from the site

- Fully Self Contained -

* Holds Two Kegs of Beer and 5 cases of beverages on ice-
* Granite counter tops
* 42 inch Flat screen HD TV
* Stero system
* Six Removable bar stools
* Power up and down canopy

- And it’s all contained in a 6′ by 8′ unit!

And we've been doing it old-school all this time...

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Guy Cummins said...

Thank you for posting a pic of my Party Trailer. It runs on batteries for about 12 hours! Check out my new Golf Ball Cannon at or e-mail me at

Go Sox!!!!