Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost Time For More Drunk Bear Fans

It has been a long and wonderful summer, but it is almost over. And we all know what that means here at the most important website in the world - more Drunk Bear Fans! Just a few more weeks until the home opener, and perhaps Carl will attend the final preseason game. Always remember, this is the blog that writes itself - there is a never ending supply of Drunk Bear Fans. As an added bonus we will have special coverage from the Nebraska - Wisconsin game from here in Madison. It will be good to have some shots from the Badger and Husker nations to grace these pages as well.


Fro Dog said...

I am ready for another season of Drunk Bear Fans! I love this place.

Carl from Chicago said...

Man I missed both pre season games.

But the guys I gave the second game tickets too said they saw some idiot get in his car at Adler lot after the game and just ran into some other car and drove off. Hit the other car pretty hard they didn't get the license unfortunately.

Now that guy was definitely a drunk bear fan.

Love this video by the way I need to keep my eyes peeled on the days when I am walking north past this statue. What an IDIOT. He could have been killed.

Carl from Chicago said...

Also when the opener comes I will have to make up for lost time and run down to the south lot around 11am and try to out-do your famous "south lot walk" video.