Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obscure Jersey Contest

Curtis Conway was a first round pick who had his last decent season with the Bears in 1996... another bitter bust.

Really... you can't do better than Rashaan Salaam... a Bears first round draft pick and a bust who last played (badly) with the Bears in 1995. He pioneered the Bears running back "bust mode" which peaked with Enis and Benson. May they all rot in Hades.

Hey while we are at it why not Barney? I wasn't able to get a photo of Trumaine McBride, an obscure guy from the Bears secondary (when they sucked) a couple years ago. Can't believe someone owns that jersey, but I saw it with my own eyes.

Bad Skewer Meat

Not far from us were some guys grilling a giant hunk of meat (they said it was lamb) way above coals that looked not-so-hot. I wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

Drunk Beer Pong

The guys next to us were playing some sort of drinking game but the interesting part is that they had Miller Lite and TWINKIES (I even had one, too). What a combo!

These folks all laughed when I told them that they could be on "Drunk Bear Fans". Later I realized that many were Packers fans but hot girls are OK regardless.

Nice T Shirts

Soldier Field is always the place for classy T Shirts. You can't see the one on the left but it says "Gotcha Bitch"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Serious Yahoo! Article on Drunken Fans Name Checks Drunk Bear Fans

Not to get too serious here at Drunk Bear Fans but a recent article in Yahoo! called "Time to deal with drunken fans" actually mentions our site on the ol' intertubes.

I've got a friend who, like most Americans, loves just about everything that is the NFL... Some of the other things he sees, he's not so excited about. It's a rare game he attends without someone nearby puking in their seat or equally drunken fans rolling in the next aisle over, fighting each other for who knows what reason. Make sure if you bring a kid, he or she is familiar with the F-word, too. That's about all they'll hear. "Just like being in a tavern on a Saturday night," my friend said.

Yes, we all recognize that. When we bring friends who haven't been up in our cheap seats to an NFL game for the first time they are often astounded by how drunken everyone is and the foul language. Often they are surprised to see the women shouting obscenities at each other too.

I've walked through some of those parking lots several hours before game time, and the amount of drinking that goes on is staggering. By the time many fans actually get into the stadium they're staggering, too, and there are three full quarters — plus halftime — to put away even more booze. They're easy enough to spot in any stadium. If anyone in Chicago needs any more help there's a blog called "Drunk Bear Fans" blog that takes special delight in showing them off in various stages of drunkenness each week of the season.

Hey, that's us. And if you are drunk and staggering around, we do take a special delight in putting you on the ol' intertubes. We are right in the middle of all of it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beer Shower and Shotgun Video

This is just the best video ever here at Drunk Bear Fans. I will simply leave it at that.

Case of Empties in the Aisle

Beers are now up to $8.50 (!) in the stands for a can of Miller Lite swill. As if that isn't enough of a kick to the nads, I get to see the beer vendor guys try to pull every conceivable scam possible to extract as much currency as they can from the unsuspecting consumers. My favorites are "I don't have any change" and "I will be right back with your change". Also classic are simply ignoring the customer's pleas for change and moving on.

But this is a new one. A beer vendor toward the end of the game simply left his cases of empties in the aisle for the hapless patrons to trip over constantly. I think my over/under was three minutes on this bet.

Of course it happened repeatedly.

Ticket Time

If you bring beers out of the designated areas, you will get written up by Chicago's finest. Trust me.

Water Over The Head Guy

It wasn't really that hot this day.

Miller Lite Can Stack

Carl has already put up a photo of the Miller Lite Can Stacking Girls, but here is another montage. I don't get it, but it certainly qualifies for posting here at Drunk Bear Fans. And you can't beat that tattoo. Hey, I asked permission.

Something You Will Never See In The South Lot

This is why we park in the Adler now.

What Are The Odds...

What are the odds that anything could go wrong with this combination of fire and hard liquor in the back of that vehicle?

Fro Dog and Carl

A big shoutout to our friend FroDog who I am sure is excited to get his mug on this site, the most important on the internets.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drunk hotties stacking Miller Lite cans

Also they seemed pretty excited to be on Drunk Bear Fans, the most important site on the ol' intertubes.

Gould Fan Drunk

After the 2011 Bears opener vs the Falcons this dude had to be helped back to Adler lot after the game. Hope he isn't driving...