Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beer Shower and Shotgun Video

This is just the best video ever here at Drunk Bear Fans. I will simply leave it at that.


Carl from Chicago said...

This IS the best video ever at Drunk Bear Fans

I particularly like your voice over egging them on and the "We Love Drunk Bear Fans" ending

My only way you could slightly improve this "mona lisa" of perfect videos is pick a still in you tube right at the 1:18 mark when they are pointing right at the camera shouting that is the funniest single still ever

We need to find a way to put it on the mast head too

Carl from Chicago said...

I take that back a bit the still I just saw has them attempting to drink out of the shotgun can which is also 100% in the spirit of this site.

So you just can't go wrong anywhere with this video

I hope the girls in this video look us up and throw a comment on the site

Dan from Madison said...

Agree this is the Mona Lisa. BUT we don't need to put anything on the masthead, this site isn't worth lifting a finger for. Obviously.