Saturday, September 17, 2011

Miller Lite Can Stack

Carl has already put up a photo of the Miller Lite Can Stacking Girls, but here is another montage. I don't get it, but it certainly qualifies for posting here at Drunk Bear Fans. And you can't beat that tattoo. Hey, I asked permission.


Carl from Chicago said...

Damn your photos put my pathetic ones to shame

I like the unnecessary butt turn around as well

The tat is great

Dan from Madison said...

All you have to do is tell them you run a huge website called and they will pose for you and let you take closeup photos of their bressss. The power of the internet.

Fro Dog said...

I'll take that woman on the far right, if I was single.

Good thing Lady Fro doesn't read this site. I'd be kicked out of my own place.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Are the women getting better looking at the games or am I just way older and more drunk?

Hey Fro, what goes on at DBF stays at DBF.

Carl from Chicago said...

Fro Dog you must be an azz man if you like the lady on the right :)

Fro Dog said...

I am an ass man and I am proud of it.