Sunday, September 18, 2011

Serious Yahoo! Article on Drunken Fans Name Checks Drunk Bear Fans

Not to get too serious here at Drunk Bear Fans but a recent article in Yahoo! called "Time to deal with drunken fans" actually mentions our site on the ol' intertubes.

I've got a friend who, like most Americans, loves just about everything that is the NFL... Some of the other things he sees, he's not so excited about. It's a rare game he attends without someone nearby puking in their seat or equally drunken fans rolling in the next aisle over, fighting each other for who knows what reason. Make sure if you bring a kid, he or she is familiar with the F-word, too. That's about all they'll hear. "Just like being in a tavern on a Saturday night," my friend said.

Yes, we all recognize that. When we bring friends who haven't been up in our cheap seats to an NFL game for the first time they are often astounded by how drunken everyone is and the foul language. Often they are surprised to see the women shouting obscenities at each other too.

I've walked through some of those parking lots several hours before game time, and the amount of drinking that goes on is staggering. By the time many fans actually get into the stadium they're staggering, too, and there are three full quarters — plus halftime — to put away even more booze. They're easy enough to spot in any stadium. If anyone in Chicago needs any more help there's a blog called "Drunk Bear Fans" blog that takes special delight in showing them off in various stages of drunkenness each week of the season.

Hey, that's us. And if you are drunk and staggering around, we do take a special delight in putting you on the ol' intertubes. We are right in the middle of all of it.


Dan from Madison said...

Oh shit we are going to get a cease and decist from either the Bears or the NFL very soon.

Carl from Chicago said...

At least if we have to sign off we ended with the "best video ever" at DBF.

Fro Dog said...

If you have to cease and desist, just merge this site with Fire Mike Martz.

You can call it: Fire Drunk Bear Fans.

I didn't say I was a comedian.

Dan from Madison said...

I should add that it was poor form for Yahoo not to at least link us.

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes at least link to us when you have us killed

Gerry from Valpo said...

You guys have no idea how this site can become a magnet for tailgate fans across all sport categories.

It is what it is and what it is is a very unique blog concept.

Promote it. Own it : )