Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breast Shot

From the Wisco/Nebraska Game:

This is pretty good fun.


We had a pretty disturbing episode later. While walking to the car two women approached Carl and I somewhat despondent that they couldn't find their car - both were completely intoxicated and one had already taken a header and had a cut on the bridge of her nose and blood was running down her face. We tried at first to help but they were talking gibberish and eventually I decided that helping them find their car wasn't the best thing for anyone at that point.


Carl from Chicago said...

You were the first one to figure out how drunk those girls were while I tried to make my iPhone work.

It was indeed disturbing.

"Too drunk for drunk bear fans" is a new low. We wouldn't show the photos even if we had taken them.

Dan from Madison said...

Agree, I keep seeing those two in my sleep, I am glad we didn't help them find their car although I am sure someone else did eventually.