Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excellent Economic Analysis

We ran into this guy who taught us a thing or two about how to drink. Rather than spend $36 for a six pack of 16 ouncers at the bar, this guy bought pitchers for $16 each and drank them right out of that container.

Not sure how many ounces that pitcher is, but it looks like good beer and he is getting a great value, all things considered.

Oddly, the same six sixteen ouncers of cornwater that we paid six bucks for each would have cost 8.50 each at Soldier Field, so if you look at it that way it was still a bargain. Or something.

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Carl from Chicago said...

If we were "drunk badger fans" and gave 2 cents about formatting this guy could be on the top of the blog masthead.

The guy passed out against the porta-johns would be even better if he was in focus.

Boy was that guy happy when we gave him our "spare" beers out of the six pack too. We really made his day.