Sunday, November 20, 2011

Security Takes Out A Drunk

Since we are way way up in the cheap seats you don't usually see the (mostly) fat red-jacketed security guards truck all the way up there unless they have a good reason. In the 3rd quarter of the game vs. the Chargers 5 guards came up once and went back down and then they came up again a few minutes late in full force and were really having it out with some classically-drunk Bears fan. I couldn't tell what was going on but someone in the seats near me said that they were fighting with a girl too. The guy was seriously fighting with the guards attempting to land roundhouse punches so I can't imagine that it ended up well for him (and / or the girl he was with) because they were bringing an army of guys and were going to drag him off to do who-knows-what with him. That is a classic ending to a drunk Bear fans evening. Also note the pretty damn obscure Sanzenbacher jersey...

Shirtless Idiot Chargers Fan

It was damn cold at the Bears / Chargers game. Maybe because it was damp and windy or just that we haven't acclimated to the winter yet. In any case it seemed cold to be a shirtless idiot Chargers fan way way up in the cheap seats taunting an army of drunken Bears fan. Not a great plan.

Passed out girl Bears fan

We see people passed out frequently at Bears games or during tailgates. Usually it is during the nicer weather and in my experience they have always been guys. This was a first! A girl was passed out a couple rows from me.

Her boyfriend or whatever was having fun with her he put his phone about 2 inches from her face and took her picture and laughed.

Here he is getting a bit tired of the spectacle and he gets up to drag her off to do whatever he is going to do with her. She isn't much good to him passed out in the cheap seats.

Beer Helmet

What possesses a fully-grown adult male to wear a beer helmet on his head? The prospect that you could go a full 5 minutes without getting a drink. Note the yellow jacketed beer vendor immediately adjacent.