Friday, December 9, 2011

Hated Jukebox

We love the Adler lot, it is WAY better than being in the South Lot with the Mayor and Drunk'n Idiot and all of those guys. But there is a group that always brings this damned jukebox and speakers and blasts sad, sad tunes. The good news is that this creates wonderful betting fodder and great fun with odds. I believe I won a 4-1 $20 bet on the under for the amount of time that Stranglehold by Ted Nugent would be on until someone pulled the plug on it. I believe Carl also lost a bet that "Won't Get Fooled Again" would be on within the next five songs. Sadly, the redistribution of wealth was indeed random that day as the Bears pulled off several first downs costing me my new found wealth inside the game, and those $20 bills floated right back into Carl's wallet from whence they came.

Anyways, these guys play this jukebox WAY too loud and it is stocked with every craptacular song ever recorded. We wish they would just stop. I will admit that they have a nice bar next to the juke.


Carl from Chicago said...

That bet on Stranglehold was a classic I about fell over remembering it. A great song to play when there are "ladies" around.

Carl from Chicago said...

Damn I hate the jukebox. Way to ruin it for everyone.

Dan from Madison said...

you shouldn't have given me odds on the Stranglehold bet - I can't remember what the over/under was but I think it was three or four minutes of the eight minutes and twenty two seconds of freedom rock