Thursday, December 29, 2011

Soldier Field No Drunks

Chicago is a very cosmopolitan city. We receive millions of tourists from the United States and overseas. And many of them come to view our top museums and attractions, including aquariums & the planetarium.

I always feel pity for those people when they happen to do a tourist-type activity on a Sunday or Monday (or perhaps even Thursday) that coincides with a football game at Soldier Field. For one thing, our parking system is a notorious mess and parking spots are extortionate in terms of pricing on game day, and you can't even get near the stadium due to congestion unless you arrive way early or late, or park nearby and walk.

And for those that do make it there - what do they see? Acres and acres of staggering drunks. I remember bringing a German friend who had seen it all during Oktoberfest and even he was stunned at the number of drunks in the South Lot (which is why we moved to Adler, even we couldn't take it anymore). Unless you are familiar with tailgating or being in the Wrigley Field bleachers or have been to the Preakness (I love the "running of the urinals" look it up on You Tube) a normal person from a normal country doesn't typically see such densely populated groups of drunks. In fact we are the "Manhattan" of drunks - so many people packed wall to wall in the South Lot, with outposts of drunks elsewhere.

When I recently went to the aquarium I had to pause for a minute and take a photo of Soldier Field, no drunks. It seemed odd.

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Dan from Madison said...

I thought the same thing on a recent trip to the Field Museum. It was CAREFULLY coordinated to NOT hit a game weekend. There was a window out of one of the floors that looked upon Soldier Field and for a moment I wondered what it all meant. Well, not really, just that I have never seen SF without tens of thousands of drunks in it.