Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DBF At White Sox Park - Easy Money for a new Bar

Under the category "what's the easiest money you could make in the world" the answer would have to be

Offering new drinking opportunities to Chicago sports fans
Amazingly, while Wrigley Field literally boasts hundreds of bars (many seemingly the size of football fields) there is nothing that you'd consider nearby US Cellular Field.  Jimbo's used to be kind of close but even that was a few blocks away.

Now this "Bacardi at the Park" bar is right across from Gate 5 by Sox park.  From their web site

Bacardi at the Park opens each game-day morning
Get their early and get your draaaank on.  It is hard to imagine how this deal cold get any sweeter for the White Sox except that.... THEY DIDN'T EVEN PAY FOR IT.  The state of Illinois (flat broke) paid $7M for the restaurant and the Sox keep all the proceeds.

When I walked by it (admittedly it was opening day) the place was rocking.  Apparently they have some outdoor seating too which I couldn't see from this view.  I'll check it out soon I'm sure.


Dan from Madison said...

Oh man what an assrape of the taxpayers - again!

Gerry from Valpo said...

It's easy to see that Reinsdorf is more brilliant as a businessman than any Chicago franchise owner.

Would the Cubs be as smart? Nah....