Friday, April 13, 2012

DBF On Location at Sox Opener

Drunk Bear Fans are on location at the Chicago White Sox opener. It was a beautiful day with a White Sox victory over the hated Detroit Tigers. A Tiger fan stood up nearby repeatedly whenever they did anything good to be greeted with heckling. One great line:
F*ck the Red Wings, F*ck the Pistons, F*ck the Lions, F*ck the Tigers, F*ck Detroit, get back to the ghetto Kid Rock
Obscure jersey - Jose Canseco played for the White Sox for 1/2 a year in 2001... I forgot about that.

Ye gods this guy has 2 entire helmets full of nachos. I hope that he has his last will and testament up to date.

Hey old men can have fun too, nice wigs and can't let the beer guy get by


Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the new test to get back into an NFL game after being thrown out?

CBOT Bear Fan

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha that is awesome. It is like court supervision to avoid a speeding ticket.

Dan from Madison said...

Oh brother! I am guessing that exactly zero people at Soldier Field have ever or will ever take those classes.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha you may be wrong Dan.

This is probably where they send you when you get drinking violations and they threaten to take away your season tickets. Or if you get busted for fighting in the stands.

You just go to this stupid class and voila! Problem solved.