Monday, May 14, 2012

DBF Back in 2008

I was inspired by the DBF update and went back into the files to look for some more DBF memories (if they are memories, you weren't there).  Here is a classic of Mayor Daley leading his "our house" cheer.  You can't believe how cold it was on that day it was ten degrees and Dan has a video I think it was our first post here at DBF.

Want to be in a bus full of drunks?  Take the school bus that drives down to Soldier Field on that secret road by the train tracks parallel to Lake Shore Drive.  Makes you feel like a kid again.


Dan from Madison said...

this might have been the day that we were there and the mini keg froze, and we put it on the grill to thaw out and it worked. I think the kraut was there with us.

Carl from Chicago said...

That was definitely the day of the mini keg frozen. Also I like the "no standees" sign on the bus just like when we were kids.

BTW who the hell came up with "standees" anyways? How about just "no standing" or "sit down"? Always wondered about that.