Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The World's Only Hot & Female Green Bay Fan

While rummaging through the DBF files I found this photo from the January 2011 NFC Central playoff game between the Bears and the hated Pack (the one we all remember where Cutty went down and we wasted a quarter before Hanie sparked a bit of a fire before collapsing).

While tailgating before this game the girl just to the left of the reporter (the one with the white hat and microphone) had an "Ice Bowl" jacket and happened to be very cute.  We had never met a Green Bay female fan at a tailgate before who was attractive so we even talked to her a bit and offered her some food and drink (she was by herself, oddly).  She seemed to get a kick out of the fact that we openly told her straight out that she was the only "hot" Green Bay female fan we'd ever seen.

We weren't the only one to laugh about that.  A female reporter from a Green Bay TV station (or maybe it was Milwaukee, who cares it was Wisconsin) came over and made a beeline right for her.  We chuckled because we knew why they picked her out of the crowd of immense cheese-eating and beer swilling Pack fans (not to say that Bears fans aren't gigantic and about to die of a coronary like the "Super Fans" sketch from Saturday Night Live, but hey it is our blog so whatever).


Dan from Madison said...

Seriously she was there by herself? Did she have a ticket? Oh who cares.

Carl from Chicago said...

I don't know if she had a ticket. She was definitely there by herself we talked to her a bit. She looked kind of cold in that jacket too since she wasn't covered in the usual level of Green Bay fan insulation also known as fat.