Monday, June 4, 2012

dbf on location - Milwaukee

We here at Drunk Bear Fans are tasked with a mission. That mission is primarily to document what goes on in and around Soldier Field, as relates to the use and abuse of alcohol. If you did nothing but watch the Bears on TV, you would never have any idea what goes on during tailgating, and in the nose bleeds, where we happily sit, outside of the dreaded PSL zone. On occasion we will record the events at other sporting events, and the results of drunken behavior there. Last weekend I was in Milwaukee for a bicycle race and had a few spare hours. I spent them wisely in downtown bars. Coincidentally, there was a Brewer game that day. The buses pull right up to the bars, and the drunken revelers pile in to head over to Miller Park, to consume more what we lovingly call "corn water". This bar that I was in had an excellent idea - why make the patrons, desperate to dump as much cornwater down their throats as humanly possible in the quickest amount of time, walk that six to ten extra steps to the inside of the bar? Hell, just roll the cooler out to the sidewalk and serve them there. This lovely cheesehead and her boyfriend agree. Sorry about the tiny photo, it was taken with my OLD cellphone (that I will be upgrading soon).

After the Brewer buses left there was some quiet time, then the drunken revelers came back to the bar area. There were a LOT of bachelorette parties. Yea! I am always amused when I tell people that I run a website (ooooh) and I am a correspondent on location gathering vital information and photographs for my job. Even when you tell them it is for Drunk Bear Fans they still seem impressed. I don't think I can remember a time I have ever told someone that they were going to be on DBF and they said "fuck you don't do it". Then again, our targets for information gathering aren't typically the designated drivers. Here is one cute bride to be:

She was 30 and had two kids. Not bad though. Within a few shots she was showing the bartenders her butt and p*ssy. I got a few photos of it from the side.

Later that evening I saw her getting piggy back rides from some dude. It was all over but the crying. Hey, she even gave me a kiss. I am sure that is on someone's social media site somewhere on the tubes.


Dan from Madison said...

The cute girl is posing with a boot. Of course she dropped that later, smashing it and spilling the contents all over the floor.

Carl from Chicago said...

Man I love the shot of her flashing the bartender. That's awesome.

Of course the boot had to be smashed that's probably a new ritual she just invented.

I like her one overweight friend looking at her like "what the heck" as she is flashing the bartender with you on photo duty. The fat friend is supposed to watch out for everyone.

Boy you feel like you are really doing good work for society when DBF goes on location.

Dan from Madison said...

I only saw a side view but she had a great ass. It was hilarious when the boot fell to the floor because the bartenders WISELY just got their credit cards as deposit. The fat friend was definitely on cock blocking duty but it wasn't working - the bride to be was very outgoing and all of the other hot friends were hammered.

And of course we here at DBF are doing the work of the Lord.