Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drunk Bear Fans Correspondent Cards

Dan reinvested our immense, non-existent profits from Drunk Bear Fans into these official correspondent business cards and sent them to me. You can see the front and back. The front is a great shot of someone pounding a "personal pitcher" with the hated Coors Light logo (to be fair, it was full of better beer) and on the back is a classic photo of everyone abandoning their booze by the exit of the tailgate lot as they stagger over to the game. You can see the top white of the Delerium Tremens bottle that I personally left behind.

Whenever we tell people we run the most important site on the intertubes people get excited. So these cards will let you know that you are officially being part of the extended fraternity of correspondents that record drunken fan behavior where ever we go, which is pretty much anywhere here in the midwest.

I recently gave one out and deputized someone for the Notre Dame / Miami football game. He wanted to know which lot to tailgate in and, hey, I know what I am talking about on this topic. I said if you were going to tailgate once in a blue moon the damn South Lot is where it is at. They said they are letting people in 5 hours before the game and it is in early October maybe I will go down just to see the spectacle and take some photos myself. What an honor to be deputized by DBF!


Dan from Madison said...

Man that IS an honor to have one of the cherished "official correspondent" cards. FIVE hours before the game, hard to believe the Chicago Park District would do that.

Carl from Chicago said...

He read it off the web site. I was surprised too.

Maybe they will just make them circle for another hour.

Or most likely the Notre Dame people have more pull than God even with the Park District.

Dan from Madison said...

"Maybe they will just make them circle for another hour."

This is a completely plausible explanation.