Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Idiotic Chicago Park District Security

Any tailgater will tell you stories about how idiotic the security is at the Bears tailgate lots. One of my most unbelievable stories was the time we saw the guy from the security firm hired by the Chicago Park District walking around with his pistol in his belt... it wasn't even in a holster! I saw him walk by but missed the photo and no one believed me but then when he came around again we all saw him and laughed our ass off. I think now they at least have holsters.

When Dan and I first got into the South Lot years ago, Dan had a Miller Lite flag that he was flying right below the "Don't Tread on me" flag. The ever-vigilant security dolt came over and said that you can't advertise anything on Park District property so we had to take it down. Ever see the park? There is a huge Miller Light tailgate area on the south end of the park that they advertise every week. Oh well, whatever.

Another time it was raining and we had a tent set up. The security fool came by and said that we had to take it down, no tents or canopies allowed. For this stupid rule they didn't even bother with a justification. One time Gerry's brother Terry pretended he was German and started mouthing off to them in German which was pretty damn funny.

Sometimes the Chicago cops get involved. For some completely insane reason they make you drive in a circle around the lot rather than parking before they open the lot at 8am. Some old cop with a revolver out of the old west in his belt was telling people to move and some drunks (it is before 8am, but lots of people are smashed when they get into the lot, no joke) were shouting at him. I remember him yelling something along the lines of "hey ladies, come on out, and we'll see who is tough" and I do think he would have whupped up on someone in front of the hundreds or thousands of people waiting to get into the lot.

The last game of the horrid end to the 2011 season, Soldier Field began "wanding" every single person going into the stadium, like you were going into an airport. Needless to say this was a fiasco and the line stretched on for miles and miles, it took at least an extra half hour to get in. This is a BAD omen for the 2012 season...


Dan from Madison said...

Thank god I didn't go to the late season games when we were spiraling out of control without Forte and Cutler. The wanding line just added insult to injury I am guessing.

Carl from Chicago said...

I looked at the blog and felt that we were deficient in pointing out how much the Chicago Park District sucks and decided to rectify that.