Tuesday, June 19, 2012

South Lot Lap Dance

Way back in 2006 Dan and I saw this absolutely classic photo of a guy getting a lap dance while tailgating in the South Lot.

I found the old photo in its original digital format (like it is some sort of exotic treasure) and I zoomed in and found a few more hilarious elements that we didn't point out back in the early days of DBF.

First of all, who brings not ONE but TWO dogs to the South Lot? I have never seen anyone bring a dog to the tailgate. Why would you do that? What are you going to do with them during the game? Probably they were just going to drink in the lot and not go into the game at all (something that the Park District banned, likely thanks to Mayor Daley and Drunk'n Idiot), I guess. Second - check out the sweet muffin top on that girl. Awesome.

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Dan from Madison said...

I remember that. If I recall correctly there was more than one girl giving lap dances but everything from that era is pretty fuzzy. Nice job with these critical observations - I never knew about the DOGS in the photo and damn that is nuts bringing them to the South Lot.