Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dan Rocks Out With the Cornwater Vendor

This guy just sat down and made himself at home up in the cheap seats with us. As always it is mayhem getting up and down the stairs with the beer vendors clogging half of it up, since they can't just hand you an aluminum can with the top off like they do in way more efficient stadiums and instead have to idiotically pour it into a plastic cup and then walk around with a ton of empties. I guess this is because they don't want us raining down aluminum cans, but this seems dumb because lots of other stadiums have already converted over.

But that won't stop the Bears, hell, we have the stooooopid drum line over cheerleaders, we pick a bad plan and we STICK WITH IT.


Dan from Madison said...

That was a surreal five minutes of my life sitting next to that guy (actually he was sitting next to me) - damn that blue carrying case stunk like cornwater should

Of course, if a random fan did this, he would be immediately rousted out of the aisle in the name of "safety" but it is perfectly OK for a beer vendor to do this.

It was nice of that other vendor completely clobbering me in the melon with the case earlier in the game. At least he said sorry.

Dan from Madison said...

I have a feeling they don't do the metal cans or plastic bottles for fear of giving the fans a projectile, but as witnessed during the "garbage howitzer" directed at Kordell Stewart when he flipped off the fans running into halftime, we will toss anything not anchored down if provoked. I will ask some of my friends what they do at Lambeau to dish out the cornwater in the stands.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha we should add smell-o-vision here at DBF so you could take in the full effect of that blue tub of dank corn water backwash