Monday, September 24, 2012

Does The Wall Street Journal Read Drunk Bear Fans?

You never know. On their back page they have a little blurb about football, particularly RG III and the start of his career with the Redskins called "A Name the Redskins Hope Sticks".

The article follows them walking into the game and looking at all the jerseys - old jerseys and obscure jerseys of some of their doomed QB's along the way (note - we picked up Jason Campbell but gave you sexy Rexy - "trash for trash"). But I love this

I did see one gentleman with a bespoke Washington jersey that read A.DRUNKGUY, and I was grateful for the conscientious heads-up

Hey we had that first with good ol' Drunk'N Idiot and Mayor Daley, stalwart highlight generators for Drunk Bear Fans over at the South Lot since we started this site. They are so great for us we even have a category on the sidebar.

And the focus on obscure jerseys... also one we do better, as you can see from the recent haul of obscurity at the St Louis game.

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