Sunday, September 9, 2012

Drunk (Girl) Bear Fans

These girls were already posing for a hard drinking Bears game photo so I just took one, too.

This is the proper amount of booze and nachos for a female Bear fan; either that or I should marry her someone sent her all the way down to the concourse to buy beer and then she brought 3 of them through the crowd all the way up to the cheap seats.

I don't know what it is about our section but this girl fell asleep not far from where one did last year. But she was up a bit later.


Fro Dog said...

I'll be sitting near your section for the game against the Rams in two weeks. Can't wait.

This is indeed, the most important site on the internet.

Carl from Chicago said...

Cool it will be good to see you. We have lots more stuff from the opener just don't have time to post it all right away.

Dan from Madison said...

Yes I have a lot of material but I leave for a business meeting in New Orleans tomorrow. Will get out the material as time allows. I will be a DBF correspondent on Bourbon Street!