Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hated Jukebox Playlist

We got to the Adler lot right when it opened up for the Bears vs. Dolts and received a prime grassy spot on the edge of the parking lot as a result. Ominously, there were traffic cones set up for three parking spots nearby where the Chicago Park District wasn't putting any cars and I predicted that, uh oh, the hated Jukebox (see photo and post here) was going to set up right near us. Unfortunately I was right and the jukebox was set up at a blasting volume level and we got to hear the abysmal and predictable playlist. Let's share it together...

- Moves like Jagger
- Thunderstruck

This was amazing because Dan predicted right off the bat that the first song would be Thunderstruck by AC/DC. And it was the second song!

- Don't Treat Me Bad by Firehose

Dan guessed Trixter and I give Dan immense credit for even remembering that Trixter existed. But it was the obscure band Firehouse. And here's another tidbit for that terrible band "At the 1992 American Music Awards, FireHouse won the award for Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist. They were chosen over Nirvana and Alice in Chains." AARRGHH

Don't Stop Believing
We're not Gonna Take It
Pour some Sugar on Me
Here I Go Again

Some more just abysmal classic rock music.

LMFAO sorry for party rocking
Let's Go Ne Yo & Calvin Harris
Flo Rida
Rock you like a Hurricane
random country song
Nothin but a Good Time by Poison

The hated jukebox had just excreted most of the songs to the abysmal "Rock of Ages" movie. Unbelievable.

Authority Song by John Cougar
No one Like You by Scorpions

OK that's not as good as "Blackout" but at least it is on the album "Blackou" so not a terrible choice.

Unknown Dave Matthews
Feeling Alright by Joe Cocker

That's a good song, even if it's old. I'll never forget John Belushi's Joe Cocker impression on SNL.

Separate Ways by Journey

Boy that's a terrible song.

Maroon 5 Payphone
Gin and Juice

OK now we're talking

Fat Bottom Girls

That is pretty obscure for the hated jukebox but a good selection for a Bears' tailgate.

Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino

Don't know what that's doing there but kind of funny

Whistle by Flo Rida
Black Dog

Can't believe we had to listen this long for Led Zeppelin

Photograph remake - turns out this is Santana and Daughtry. It was AWFUL.

Lose your Love by the Outfield

Possibly one of the most annoying songs ever

No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand

An interesting song must have been played by accident

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Dan from Madison said...

I think that Photograph remake was the most horrible song I have ever heard. That shit shouldn't be allowed. As if the original song isn't bad enough.

I honestly thought that the guys there had a band and re-recorded it themselves.