Saturday, September 22, 2012

High Five Guy

We noticed this guy about midway through the second quarter during the Colts game. He was extremely intoxicated and was high fiving every woman coming up the aisle, including grandmas. In this video he tries to high five a chick but she doesn't see him so he is left hanging. If he didn't have to leave to take a piss he would have high fived cute Cutler chick for sure. As it is, he still gave her ass a good look.

Later, his friend WISELY positioned himself on the aisle, trying to get High Five Guy out of the aisle and away from the girls he was harassing. It was to no avail but this Colts babe wasn't taking any of his shit.

The friend got the better of the day and they left early before the Red Shirts came to get them.


Carl from Chicago said...

When you posted them up you tube is doing something stupid with related videos as the default rather than what should be there which is the view from our super cheap seats looking at some dumb drunk somewhere.

Carl from Chicago said...

That guy was funny high fiving the girls.

He is lucky his friend had a bit of smarts or he'd have been out on his ass

Dan from Madison said...

I am not following your first comment, the videos on my browser show a photo still from the video until they play. AFTERWARD they show the related videos. As if it really matters here at the most important site on the internet.

Carl from Chicago said...

OK you are right

Damn we are spending too much time on this site

I gotta' hit the gym now