Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Obscure Jerseys

We hit the veritable "mother lode" of obscure jerseys at the St Louis game.

The sharp eyes of Dan's guests noted that this wasn't the usual 23 Devin Hester - this is the 23 for Jerry Azumah! If she wears her hair long enough likely no one will know, and certainly no one would suspect that this jersey still exists.

Dusty Devoracek... he had one of the shortest and most bust-like careers of a (relatively) high 3rd round draft choices in years... he had 31 tackles total for the Bears and played in only a few games. Yet someone bought his jersey...

This one is crazy. Who creates a jersey for a long-snapper? Mannelly? I agree that it is important to have a long snapper on the roster but I can't believe anyone would be excited enough to buy a jersey for one. Look - he snapped that punt - awesome.

Also interesting is the fact that Mannelly, a guy who must not get banged up very much, has had a long career (since 1998) while Azumah and Devoracek flamed out very quickly.


Fro Dog said...

I wish I got a picture of the guy who walked by me in the cheap seats wearing a Walt Harris jersey. I have a friend that I went to high school with who still wears his Rashaan Salaam jersey. Horrible.

Dan from Madison said...

Long snappers are more important than you think but it is still a bit crazy to buy a jersey with their name on it - maybe he is a friend or relative.

@FroDog - as I was coming to the game we stopped at the Des Plains oasis to take a break and the first thing we saw was a fan with a Salaam jersey on. I understand that these people spent decent money on that jersey and want to get their moneys worth but it was over a DECADE ago - time to probably think about starting over. We see Salaam jerseys all the time, sadly.