Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Shirts

Up in the cheap seats we have the red shirts who kick out drunks and other people behaving badly. I am not sure what was up with this but here is some video of what happens when somone is getting kicked out. The dude with the black pony tail came from the top of the stadium, presumably from some doors that Carl and I noticed for the first time atop the 400 section. We likely noticed these doors for the first time because we were both sober. So he comes down from the top to block the short end of the aisle, and the dude with the crappy toupee, radio piece and sunglasses comes from the other side down the row, presumably to grab the person they want to kick out. From the way they are looking around I am guessing this was a smoker - I am guessing that they were looking for a cigarette butt on the ground. Bears "security" scans the stadium with binocs for people behaving badly and they really, really hate smoking in there. But nobody ever got tossed after this episode so they must have received some bad info.


Dan from Madison said...

Damn what a bunch of fat fucks god forbid they have to be in shape to do this job. At least they are getting a work out walking up and down the stairs.

Carl from Chicago said...

They were really giving that dude a hard time with his little kid

Probably those security guards at the Bears are truly the lowest common denominator