Monday, September 10, 2012

Security Tightened at Bears

My information is only limited to the drunk sections way up in the cheap seats but it seems like drunkenness is being less tolerated at the Bears. Fans must be using the "text" option to tell security about who's being even more drunk than the norm and the security guys in red jackets come up and bounce them out.

This guy was a few rows down from us and was a chatty and annoying drunk to those around him. After a while two guys below him started having words with him and soon the security guys all showed up (they block one end of the aisle and then the other guys cross from the other end as if they are cornering someone in an alley). It seems like they are trying pretty hard since this guy was so drunk it was unlikely that he remembered a game was on.

The funny part of this is that the crew he was with stayed for what seemed like another quarter or so before they went out to presumably find him passed out outside Soldier Field or to pull him out of the drunk tank or where ever they put him. He seemed to go without a fight so probably wasn't too much worse for wear.

Security also came to see a guy a couple rows behind me that they accused of smoking but he wasn't tossed. I always recommend not smoking because they look for that everywhere.

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