Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ticket Time

Chicago's finest were very busy at the home opener against the hated Colts. After you get out of the tailgating lots, there is NO BOOZE on the streets. Here is Dick Butkus getting an open container love letter from the city. I know, I know, there are serious crimes going on all over Chicago, but that would take actual work, and it is a lot easier to collect fines from the hapless drunks at the Bear game.


Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha glad to see you have time finally to put up posts over here at the most important site on the internet.

Don't forget that guy across from us who "high fived" every girl coming up the stairs until his friend wisely switched seats with him before he got booted

Dan from Madison said...

Video on that uploading to YouTube as we speak. Might not get to it today though.