Monday, November 26, 2012


One of our favorite topics here at "the most important site on the internet" (tm) is the obscure jersey. I don't know if it is a Bear fan deal, or if all NFL teams' fans have this thing going on. At any home Bear game you can see plenty of people with jerseys on (which is dumb enough) but the fact that we can get to re-live the horrible players of the past just makes no sense at all.

At what point do you look at yourself in the mirror and say that you just need to toss that Rashaan Salaam jersey? Are you really that cheap? And why do you wear the number 23 of Jerry Azumah instead of the almost universally known and current roster member Hester?

This is the question that simply cannot be answered. If we could figure it out it would be like finding the Higgs Boson particle.

Stalwart contributor Fro Dog has done the Lord's work and sent me this photo from last Sunday of a guy with a "handicapped" Cade jersey while washing up in the bathroom. My god.
He also reports seeing an Olin Kreutz and an Aromashedu - who by the way was on the field for the VIKINGS yesterday. The obscure jersey theme really is amazing.

On another note, Fro also notes that he got to see a woman barf all over some fans down below her way up in the nose bleeds. No photos of that but good to hear that things are normal up there.


Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha glad you got something from Fro Dog.

It was AMAZINGLY quiet up in the cheap seats where we are. I don't know if it was the beautiful day or if everyone was in a turkey coma but we saw nothing.

I didn't tailgate though probably missed some good ones. I will have to pick it up a notch next week.

I think I did see a Frank O MY GOD jersey. Can't believe someone would wear that unless they lost a bet.

Maybe we can form a charity that hands out jerseys from current players like Forte and Cutty and Marshall and takes those old ones right off their backs ha ha.

Fro Dog said...

Hey. I wear my Urlacher jersey to the games! I don't mean to put a bad omen on things but most of the games I wore a jersey to, the Bears have won so I try to keep it going.

Thanks for putting the picture up. I know the circumstance sucked of being in the bathroom but the first thing that came to my mind was "Drunk Bear Fan Material".

Carl from Chicago said...

Nothing wrong with wearing 54. That's fine too. Thanks for contributing to the "most important site on the internet"