Saturday, December 22, 2012

Drunk Fan Throwing Up At Columns

Sorry for the slightly grainy photo but friends saw this guy spitting up over the columns at half time. Nice.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Banana Costume

Got to love the banana costume and the frosty head.


Here's the definition of "trust" at Soldier Field. It was right near the end of the third quarter when beer sales cut off and there was a big scramble and the beer vendor gave me an unopened can in a cup. I've been to hundreds of sporting events in Chicago and this has never happened. I'm sure someone somewhere is worried that I could have used it as a projectile. Just for Dan you can see the dimple in the top where Miller Lite makes it easy to shotgun the beer down your gullet.

Drunk Packer Fans

I don't know if it was the inevitability of another defeat or our losing streak but the crowd didn't seem to take it out on the Packer fans. Everyone was more or less getting along compared to the fights I'd expect.

This guy rung a cowbell every time the Packers did something good. I think either he toned it down or someone muffled his bell because it got quieter in the second half.

This one was completely faced. The girl below us was worried about her (another Packer fan) and asked as she came back up if she was with someone and she was. It was her 21st B day and I get the feeling that Monday is going to be a long day for her.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

F Bears Haters

This guy was tailgating right next to us so I didn't have to move far to get this photo. He was surprisingly pleasant given his obnoxious shirt. He was a Bears fan out of Pennsylvania which means he must have an incredibly thick skin; that damn state is split between hellish Steelers fans and hellish Eagles fans. Love the hair, too. He also had a Marshall jersey which I think he planned to wear to get into the stadium which seemed like an intelligent move.

Drunk Bear Fan Stumbles Out

For whatever reason it has been quiet up in the cheap non PSL seats the last few games. I don't know what is causing it but I also think that the "text security" model must be putting a dent in drunken behavior because it is much more anonymous to send a text about a drunk rather than going down to find security because then your drunken nemesis knows who is tattling on him.

This guy however was TOTALLY faced. He kept falling as they brought him down the steps in the fourth quarter. Since he was moving so slowly the falls weren't impacting him much. His friends were getting him out of there before security caught up with him or he threw up on someone else up in the cheap seats.

Bears Remote Control Car

This was clever. The remote controlled Bear car dragged the Seattle mascot through the Adler lot.

Obscure Jersey - Ancient Edition

While we bemoan the obscure jerseys here at DBF another un-explainable trend is people picking jerseys for Bears players that have been dead forever.

Sid Luckman last played in 1950. That was SIXTY TWO years ago. It is a long shot that this guy was old enough to have seen him play but really, what is the point of this jersey? At least at QB really the only 3 great ones that the Bears have had in forever are Luckman, McMahon and likely Cutty if he can stay alive & un-concussed long enough.

Nagurski? He last played in 1943. That is almost SEVENTY years ago. Really? Can't we find someone more recent?