Sunday, December 2, 2012

Obscure Jersey - Ancient Edition

While we bemoan the obscure jerseys here at DBF another un-explainable trend is people picking jerseys for Bears players that have been dead forever.

Sid Luckman last played in 1950. That was SIXTY TWO years ago. It is a long shot that this guy was old enough to have seen him play but really, what is the point of this jersey? At least at QB really the only 3 great ones that the Bears have had in forever are Luckman, McMahon and likely Cutty if he can stay alive & un-concussed long enough.

Nagurski? He last played in 1943. That is almost SEVENTY years ago. Really? Can't we find someone more recent?


Fro Dog said...

You're going to hate me but I saw someone in a Tom Thayer jersey walking by but couldn't get the camera ready in time. My apologies as I have let you boys down once again.

Dan from Madison said...

Damn Nagurski that is really, really old. At least in that photo we have a Tillman and Peppers. I am surprised we don't see more Peps jerseys.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha don't worry about Thayer you gave us the mother of all jerseys with that Cade jersey. At least Thayer had a good career a long, long, time ago.

We were at the game with people who were 21 years old. They weren't even alive for the 1985 Bears or to see Payton play.

In their whole lives since they can remember they haven't even really seen a great Bears running back. Wow.