Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cow Fan

This photo epitomizes what makes "Drunk Bear Fans" what we are.

A grown adult man, in a cow costume, smoking one of those fake nicotine electronic cigarettes, proudly being hammered.

Full disclosure - I have that exact same costume, although I don't wear it plus shorts to the Bears game.

Suit Crew and Beer Bongs

We have a lot of Suit Crew photos up here so need something new to merit another photo - so then they added the beer bong and that was worthy of the site.

Intentionally Bald Costume Dude (Carl Brutananadilewski)

At the Bears / Carolina game it was COLD. This guy was in some sort of Halloween costume with shorts and just a T Shirt. This was half time and the guy was in great spirits. This merits a "no shirt" tag because it was a wife beater.

Hey thanks to the ol' intertubes an alert commentor said that he is in a halloween costume for this guy.

Lost Opposing Fans

I can understand 1) going as a fan in colors for your home team 2) following your team on the road and wearing colors 3) going incognito. Here is what I don't understand - wearing the colors of your team at an opposing stadium WHEN YOUR TEAM ISN'T PLAYING. That is inviting personal abuse with no upside.

Here is a lost Browns fan wandering around during the Bears / Indy home game. At least no one gives the slightest crap about Cleveland.

But this one makes NO sense. A queens fan wandering around during the Bears / Carolina game. This guy invited a spray of beers as well as an entire section chanting "a**hole". Why would you wear these colors and attend a Bears game? Just to hope they lose? Then watch it on TV...

Empty Family Friendly Lot

While tailgating at the Adler lot I found an empty lot near game time which struck me as quite odd. Then I looked at the sign and figured out why - it was a "family friendly" lot with no alcohol. OK then it makes sense why no one bothered to tailgate there - tailgating w/out booze is pointless (apparently).

This is the optimal level of booze per tailgate... ten smashed Miller Lite cans per attendee.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Douchebag Bears Fan

I was tallying up my haul of photos for DBF and was a little disappointed for a Monday night football game against the Lions with beautiful weather and then I ran into this guy and all was right with the world.

Bachelorette Party in the Cheap Seats

Gotta love the idea of having your bachelorette party at the Bears' game but how about better seats than the nosebleeds that Dan and I sit in because we refuse to pay for a PSL.

The Heckler Inadvertently Gives Us Love

The Heckler (whom we love, it's over on the blogroll) inadvertently gave us some love with this "costume" T Shirt that you can buy at the Heckler store.

Obscure Jersey

Oh my god I couldn't believe my eyes... this woman had a WEBB jersey on. I had to rub my eyes and look on my phone to confirm that, yes, this is actually Webb's number 73 and not her family name.

WHY would you want a jersey from what is arguably the worst lineman in the NFL? A guy so bad that the Heckler not-so-jokingly called him the "Defensive Player of the Week"?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Edible Food

Dan and I always avoid eating anything at Soldier Field because the Chicago Park District generally has terrible food (plus we are stuffed from the tailgate before the game). Ryan Field in Evanston, on the other hand, has Hecky's barbecue which is excellent and highly recommended. Put the spicy sauce on it for extra kick.

Drunk Children of the Corn

This guy with a "Children of the Corn" T Shirt shouted that slogan at Nebraska passer-bys and gave high fives from the bleachers.

Lots of people work the corn hats - must be their version of cheeseheads. Note that they are drinking "Big Red" which apparently is a soda.

Drunk Husker Fan Dressed as Starlet

This guy in our section was hilarious. He was dressed as some sort of starlet with short shorts, fishnet shirt, and stockings and wig. Lots of people were high fiving him.

Up close if you looked he even shaved his stomach to complete the look. He was a hit with the ladies...

Public Transit Drinkers

Heading up to Evanston for the Nebraska vs. Northwestern game on the "L" my "CSI" eye for drunken detail noted these (vile) Coors Light cans had the telltale holes from shotgunning. They weren't efficient like the "punch tops" now on Miller Lite cans.

This Husker in overalls was a likely shotgun contender he was representing his state and doing it proud.

Nebraska Elvis Crew

We like to visit the "Suit Crew" here at DBF but Nebraska has their version too with this traveling Elvis sort of suit crew that came out to the Northwestern game. They were very popular with all the fans who came out to take photos with them.

Cornwater Innovation

We here at Drunk Bear Fans always appreciate innovation in the consumption and/or disposal of alcoholic beverages.  At the Badger vs. Illini game, Carl and I participated in the latest innovation to help you ingest as much cornwater as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time.  I forget what the official name is for this but in the end it is a built in shotgun apparatus that you use your key to puncture.  Mmmmm mmmm it goes down so smooth.


Besides this cute girl holding one each of the dreaded Miller Lite and even more dreaded Coors Light, notice what she is balancing so skillfully on the top of her head.  That is a rubber bracelet of the type you see people wearing for different causes, such as Lance Armstrong's "LiveStrong" campaign - but this one is emblazoned with the Miller Lite logo.  We were a bit taken aback that they were passing these out, but hey - free is free.  I am sure Carl has placed his in a place of pride.

Monday, October 8, 2012

That's Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Dan and I were recently having a bit of a debate on why the Bears make the vendors carry the cans up and pour them into a plastic cup rather than the far more efficient route of just popping open an aluminum can and handing it to the patron. This would be 10x quicker and also avoid having the vendor having to carry empty cans (and frequently abandon them on the aisle) which gets in everyone's way.

And lo and behold the answer came as if from above. I was watching the one-game baseball playoff where Atlanta got eliminated by the Cardinals when the umpires made a controversial infield fly call late in the game and the fans just showered the field with beer bottles (and water bottles, and anything else at hand). You can see the McCasket's watching this clip and figuring that Drunken Bear fans would definitely hurl any available projectiles. And thus... that's why we can't have nice things.

Drunk Illini Fans

DBF recently went "on location" for Illinois vs. Wisconsin. This intrepid reporter could barely stand to be packed cheek to jowl (and many jowls since this was Wisconsin) with so many completely 'faced people for 10+ hours, since everyone started drinking at 7am or prior for the 2:30pm game.

Love the 'stache crew and also the T shirt which sums up the DBF ethos so well.