Friday, February 1, 2013

Drunk Bear Fans on Location

Dan and I are headed out to Reno for the Super Bowl. This is the second year of our annual tradition, and we usually meet astoundingly drunk football fans of all sorts. Last year since I was wearing a Bears shirt a completely faced' fan came up to me and said how he named his daughter after Walter Payton and went on and on. During the approximately 120 seconds we talked to him he dropped his credit card, personal phone, and work phone on the ground so it is likely that his night ended badly, like a true Drunk Bear Fan.

Due to the wonders of Technology I am blogging this from the actual plane with a photo of the for-the-ride Heineken (I was going to get a Coors Light just for Dan) and Brian's Bloody Mary.

Hey remember when the Bears were 7-1 and we thought that just maybe there'd be a bit of post season action for us? We all know how that ended and are reduced to just watching a game I could give a crap about because the Bears aren't in it. Oh well that is grist for another site now just on to meeting drunks of all sorts watching the Super Bowl.


Carl from Chicago said...

Damn the 49ers choked. 2 Super Bowls in a row I bet on the damn loser.

Dan from Madison said...

At least we killed it in craps.

Fro Dog said...

It's nice to know you guys don't take any time off from the most important site on the internet. It sucks about the money but I am sure you guys still had fun.

I will be going to two Blackhawks games at least in this next month or so. I have this idea that I will see someone in a Bears jersey at these games. You sometimes see a guy wearing a jersey from another sport to a game like this. I will be on the lookout.

Keep up the good work my friends!