Saturday, July 27, 2013

It Is Almost Time

The players are in camp, and it will be pre season before you know it.  This year will be a good one.


Carl from Chicago said...

Damn Enis still makes me mad. What an epic draft bust.

Yes getting my liver ready for the Bears now. We will have to use Lolla as a warm up.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit.....that guy should take that jersey to the fucking antique road show. As a side not, glad to see the DBF site is active and posting.

Anonymous said...

I meant side note...need to drink less!

Carl from Chicago said...

We are like a traveling circus here at DBF we mainly come into town for Bears' season. I have a feeling this season is going to be epic in the South Lot.

A lot of fun will be had and we will also do some sort of poll for drumline vs. cheerleaders. Maybe we will even have some drunken interviews with south lot denizens on the topic.