Friday, July 5, 2013

South Lot, Baby

The South Lot was where the original "Drunk Bear Fans" theme came into full view.  Dan and I were always amongst the first to enter the lot at 8am each Sunday, four hours before game time, where a sea of completely drunken fools was brewing.  This is where we met "Drunk'n Idiot" (as it says on the back of his jersey) and "Mayor Daley", the mid 50 or so year old guy who famously ranted on a drunken atomic clock at about 10:30 every morning about "Our House" and pulled his shirt off and poured beer on himself while atop a vehicle.  It is likely exactly these guys that the Bears had in mind when they said you can't just sit out and tailgate during the game - you have to go in to the stadium - because I don't know if they ever left the lot.

After a few years of this we grew tired of the stupidity and we moved on to the Adler Lot, which had its fill of drunks (notably the "Suit Crew") but a much better view and a calmer vibe.  However, our relative solace was disturbed by the idiotic "jukebox" crew that monopolize a few spots and set up a monstrous jukebox playing the crappiest tunes available.

So, when Dan got a parking pass this year for the Adler lot in the Bears' lottery, we briefly considered selling it in order to buy an Adler Lot pass, but then we figured "F' It" and it is back in the South Lot, the birthplace of DBF.

We expect big things from you this year, South Lot!  The Bears have a new coach, a new vibe, and a good chance of success (Bears fans are optimists, even when we have no right to be optimistic based on our sad history in our lifetimes).  Bring out the Drunks!


Dan from Madison said...

I got two passes for the South Lot, of all things. You should correct that second to last paragraph.

But yes, the fools will certainly be out in full force.

Dan from Madison said...

And no more Stranglehold, it is back to Van Halen 2, the official album of the Chicago Bears!