Monday, July 29, 2013

This Guy... waiting for us in the South Lot.

But in the meantime, the Drunk Bear Fans roadshow goes off this weekend, with Drunk Lollapalooza Fans and Drunk Brewer Fans.


Carl from Chicago said...

Glad to see that you used all the proper tags.

Not just "Mayor Daley" but also "No Shirt"

Ha ha ha ha

Dan from Madison said...

Didn't we have a "shouting" tag at one time?

Anonymous said...

Nice, I like how they took the time to take a family photo at the end. i'll bet grandma loved getting that one! Love the DBF site!

Carl from Chicago said...

Also I was a little disturbed that Mayor Daley was wandering about on his own. Where was Drunk'n Idiot? Where was the truck that he used to stand atop while he ranted "our house"? He needs to be properly supervised by other completely faced individuals. He is part of a sensitive ecosystem of sh*tfaced tailgaters.