Monday, September 9, 2013

Obscure Jersey Collection

Here is my "haul" from the obscure jerseys we saw at the Bears Bengals game.  First up, the coveted Dane Sanzenbacher jersey from when he was on the Bears.  Of course, he is now on the Bengals so at least the jersey wearer got one more pseudo legitimate use out of it.
 Ocho Cinco.  Come on, man.
 Moose Muhammad, with the Ocho Cinco right next to him.
 Here was this day's winner, the coveted Cade McNown, with the Brian Piccolo just a few feet away.

1 comment:

Carl from Chicago said...

That idiot McNown "played" for the Bears like 14 years ago. If he'd have washed that jersey a few times it wouldn't have lasted this long.