Friday, October 11, 2013

Drunk Bear Fans Web Site Value

From time to time people talk to Dan or I about "monetizing" the most important site on the Internet, Drunk Bear Fans.

Dan and I usually chuckle because 1) it is damn hard to make any money on the internet (there's not too much there for blogs) 2) it is a lot of work to even try and we don't want to pour the time into it (really, it's not like it has a tremendous value to society, but it is funny).

Some dumb site that directs us traffic (which we don't care about) lets you put in your domain name and it estimates its "value" and "daily income potential".  What did they say about Drunk Bear Fans... wait for it...
We were worth $8.95!  and we can make 15 cents / day!
Ha ha... we're rich, baby.

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Dan from Madison said...

I honestly think that if I did this full time, with SEO, link whoring, ads on the site and all the rest, that I could scrape out an income at DBF as opposed to everything else I do on the internet combined.